Know your water

Each year, somewhere between 9 million and 45 million Americans get their drinking water from a source that violates the Safe Drinking Water Act. We aim to raise awareness of our water resources and be a reliable guide to safe water.


If your water can make you sick, wouldn't you want to know?

Clean drinking water is a basic human need and an undeniable part of a safe, healthy society, yet few of us know about the quality of our tap water. Although the US generally has safe water, millions of Americans continue to be exposed to unsafe drinking water containing lead, nitrates, atrazine, arsenic, and other toxins that can cause gastrointestinal diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer.

Low-income, rural communities are at significantly higher risk for health hazards caused by harmful or untested water. We want everyone, no matter income or location, to know what they are drinking and have the means to safe solutions if their water isn’t entirely healthy to consume.


The App

We want to make sure people are getting the most accurate and comprehensive information about chemicals and biological agents in their water. Starting in Hawaii, we’ll execute monthly quality tests in all the islands’ 70 water stations, as well as on all major beaches in the area.

The water is tested for all contaminants, and in order to have a complete result, we also display results from tests conducted by the government, research facilities and other reliable labs. With our free app, you get real-time information about the water quality in your area.

Our Mission



Our mission is to create a positive impact on human health and the environment by providing the most up to date information about drinking-water quality, as well as provide context and education about chemicals and biological contaminants that pollutes water.


Global awareness

By giving people access to the most vital statistics and test results available, we can raise global awareness about the importance of protecting the world’s water resources and support protection initiatives around the world.


Safe water for everyone

By providing affordable water filters for home usage, we lower the access barriers to clean and safe drinking water and give people the possibility to take action about the water they consume. We also finance and raise money to subsidize the cost of filters for people in affected, low-income areas.



In addition to this, we also aim to build strong, inspiring communities that can help and support each other, raise awareness, and lay the foundation for long-lasting solutions that are good for both our health and the environment.


The water.app team


Adrienne Schoenau, CEO

MA in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development, expertise in non-profit cooperation, experience in energy use monitoring, and skills ranging from graphic design and system mapping to social media planning and curriculum creation.


Jonny Mack, Founder

Jonny holds certificates in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a degree form UC Berkeley. He is passionate about Social impact economics, and holds the vision of our company close to heart.


Ville Natthimmel, CTO

Tech enthusiast, product developer, and founder of several startups, Ville has over 25 years experience in software application development. Ville has led numerous tech teams in companies like Spotify and Beats by Dr Dre.


Dieudonne Mair, Scientific Advisor

Process Engineer at Applied Materials, semiconductor manufacturing. Prototyped tactical devices for US Army in Afghanistan. Co-Founded technology start-up to help NASA detect signs of life on Titan. Performed failure mode & effects analysis for litigation case involving butter contamination.

  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, Berkeley
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • BS, Chemistry, University of Minnesota

Dennis Kleid, Scientific Advisor

Founder Scientist at Genentech and inventor of humanized insulin, has a background in organic chemistry and genetic engineering. Also, has passionately worked to stop cane burning on Maui and prevent the release of the carcinogen that the public is exposed to during that production process.

  • Post PhD fellowship, Molecular Biology, Harvard
  • Post PhD fellowship, BioOrganic Chemistry, MIT
  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Pittsburg
  • BS, Organic Chemistry, Berkeley

Additional team members

Caroline Natthimmel, Designer

Kylee Chun, Marketing, Intern Manager

Christian Lopez, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Noah Fong, Head of HR


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